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Ritiro di yoga a Somatheeram "Make sure there is a peaceful surrounding and plenty of fresh air to practice"

Punti salienti del programma:

Learn unique yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques that enhance your flexibility, stamina and health.
Cleanse yourself from all your accumulated stress. Experience freshness and vigor with every breath
Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda workshops.
Get into a mystical inward journey to the core of your being. Experience that you are joy, peace and love yourselves.
Take home a relaxed, healthier and happier you with easy-to-use tools that maintain wellness for as long as lifelong.
Introduction, list of practices, introduction to Asanas, basic class, opening mantras, types of Asanas
Yogic/ Satvic vegetarian cuisine to improve your health
Cooking classes on Yogic/Satvic food.