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アーユルヴェーダダイエット " 食べ物は体の性質に大きな影響を与えます。"



Over the years Somatheeram has been following a special Ayurvedic Menu, which was crafted by our team of doctors, based on the research with reference to old Ayurvedic Texts. Guests following the Ayurvedic programmes can choose to dine from the range of 250 Ayurvedic dishes based on the Tridoshas (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha) properties. Guests undergoing the treatment packages are advised to follow this diet very strictly, which will help them to drive maximum benefits from the programmes.


Ayurvedic style cooking is a rational way to prepare food keeping in mind the dietary need of an individual based on different body types. Somatheeram offers the chance to learn basics of Ayurveda cooking by conducting weekly two cooking demonstration classes, classes are taken by the Ayurveda Specialty Chef.