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Go Green "Kerala Hertiage Building & Ambince For Ayurveda Treatments"

Сохранение и защита в Somatheeram

From the beginning one of our major initiatives has been towards preserving local biodiversity of both flora and fauna at our properties and the surrounding areas. We have herbal garden which preserves more than 600 different verities of Kerala Herbal plants that are detailed in the book Hortus Malabaricus.

Aiming at the sources we have started many programmes to educate the local people, we have introduced organic farming, crated viable plantations and setup market mechanism such as purchasing our product from the local community etc. The use of solar energy permeates through the resorts are making them eco-friendly whilst providing a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle, natural surroundings and modern facilitie

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Organic Farming As you travel throug hour properties, perhaps you could observe and learn from our conservation practices,just as we have observed and learnt from the simple people of the land. Somatheeram is always planned with environmental and community concern supper most in mind.

We use many techniques inorganic farming in our resort-such as inter cropping, mulching,and integration of crops and live stock-are practiced under various agricultural systems. As a part of spreading ecofriendly culture Somatheeram designed an organic farm which does not compromise the above mentioned organic farming culture.

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