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Ayurvedic Remedies – the first go-to at Indian homes.

Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing, which is still being practiced and considered a natural curing method across the World. The practices, methods, and medicines include naturally derived produce. Right from plant products to natural minerals, Ayurveda uses natural components for all its treatments, which has time and again proven to be the most trusted healing procedure by millions.

We have the ability to withstand infections when all the seven layers of our body’s tissues (Rasa, Mamsa, Rakta, Medha, Majja, Asthi, and Shukra) remain strong. The curing process of many ailments depends on the strengthening of our body tissues. Every aspect of our lifestyle is considered in Ayurvedic treatment – mental health, physical health, diet, daily practices, the products we use, and others that impact our overall being. Ayurveda focuses on renewing our bodies and gives a complete cure.

Despite the availability of modern medicines and technology, some people purely trust and depend on Ayurvedic remedies as their first step to cure or healing. Especially when it comes to Indian homes, these remedies have been passed down the generations, as a treasure to good health and quick healing. It is believed that Ayurveda helps in curing from within and it is a complete process, compared to modern sciences and treatments. Even though Ayurvedic massages and technical healing need professional consultation and dedicated time, there are many quick and easy remedies which are come in handy for minor ailments like cold, headache, burns, diarrhea, indigestion, etc.

Ayurvedic remedies help in balancing the doshas (energies that govern the body – Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Interestingly, not many households know these Ayurvedic terminologies – for them, it is a simple go-to quick healing natural remedy. Home remedies are also economically favorable, which makes them affordable for everyone. They are simple to prepare and use, and do not expose you to any side effects as they are non-toxic. One of the first precaution steps suggested worldwide for COVID-19 is also an Ayurvedic remedy. Regular Ayurvedic steam (with clove, tulsi) and intake of hot Ayurvedic tea (ginger, clove, tulsi, pepper) is considered as a prevention method and helps in building immunity. We will see some of the readily available home products which turn into medicines for a quick cure.

  • Steam and honey tea helps in removing mucus from the lungs. This can be a daily practice.
  • Ginger tea is a readily available cure for cough. Ginger has great medicinal values and regular use in cooking is beneficial.
  • Peppermint is very effective in curing a cold.
  • Cumin intake in food, or when infused in water, helps is curing digestive issues and releases bile from the liver, which is a great health benefit.
  • Fenugreek seeds help in reducing body heat which can cause urinary infection, inflammation, etc. You can drink tender coconut water or plain water, infused with fenugreek seeds.
  • Coconut oil infused with curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, onion is a great remedy for hair loss issues.
  • Cardamom helps in improving breathing and is also used to reduce blood pressure.
  • Carom seeds when taken with warm water cure abdominal pain, menstrual pain, and are known to have quick results.
  • Oil pulling is an easy Ayurvedic home treatment for oral care and effective in curing gum bleeding and bad breath. Coconut oil or any edible oil is swished around the mouth and spat out like a mouthwash (be careful not to intake any of this oil while doing the process).
  • Amla or Indian gooseberry is a great medicinal fruit that is known to increase immunity and also strengthen hair roots.
  • Ghee helps in curing constipation when taken with warm milk. It also helps in healing ulcers and burns.
  • Asafetida or hing, when taken with warm water, is a quick remedy for indigestion and gives instant relief.

These are just a few of the quick home remedies which you can try for yourselves. These easy home remedies which are passed down through generations in Indian families have proved to be an efficient cure. These can also be followed on regular usage, as they help complete healing and have no side effects of any kind. Along with these remedies, Ayurveda preaches the practice of a healthy diet and exercises as long-term prevention of several ailments. A good and healthy lifestyle is the key to preventing diseases.

While staying at Somatheeram Ayurveda Group retreats, in Kerala, India, you experience and learn more about Ayurveda plants, Ayurveda Remedies & Ayurveda Living. Here these plants not just add to the ornamental beauty but also, create an ambiance that complements the treatments offered. There are more than 2000 varieties of herbal plants that can be seen in the property itself. The art of Ayurveda has been carefully presented to the world at Somatheeram Retreats, in the most professional and ethnic way.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Group retreats are dedicated to the ‘Science of Life’ – Ayurveda and its treatments, which has been a pioneer to Ayurvedic Hospitals in a Resort Ambience. This hospital has been certified under the NABH ‘National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers’ Quality Control’ of Government of India. It has also received the certificate of excellence from the ‘European Audit Institute Wellness and Spa’. Importance has been given to hygiene and individual care which enables you to explore the beauty of Ayurveda and return as a renewed person. Ayurvedic treatment at Somatheeram is not just restricted to herbal treatments; it is an overall transformation of body, mind, and soul, through meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic cuisine.

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+91 8111886151