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Traditional Ayurveda "The Pioneer in Ayurveda with 35 years of Experience"

The whole resort ambiance is carefully crafted to create an ideal environment for the Ayurvedic way of living. The gentle soothing breeze of the Kovalam beach and the lush green surroundings give the perfect backdrop for relaxation, being an essential part of getting the best out of our programmes.

Each guest is given a tailor-made diet and treatment schedule according to their physical conditions and requirements after a detailed consultation with the doctors. The thousands of satisfied customers and the high rate of return customers stands as confirmation of our quality and care.

Kizhi Treatment

One with the universe

Ayurveda considers everything in the universe, including human beings, to be made of five elements—Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether. Together these elements are known as the Pancha-mahabhutas. Each of these elements is associated with different bodily functions and personality traits. In the organic body these five elements are found as the three doshas (tridosha)—vatha, pitta and kapha. Each of the doshas is a different combination of the five elements. An imbalance of the three doshas would result in both physical and mental ailments.

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