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Summer vacation: Enjoy family holidays to these wellness retreats

Summertime is a perfect holiday time for family bonding. It's a time to follow interests, discover new passions, and set the foundation stone for stronger family bonding.

Somatheeram is a serene Ayurvedic beachfront resort tucked amidst the renowned greenery of Kerala, popularly known as God’s own country. This award-winning resort offers you the expertise and special service of the best Ayurvedic hospitals set within the relaxing atmosphere of a luxury/holiday retreat. Here you can experience traditional Ayurvedic therapies, wellness packages, Yoga practises, as well as enjoying world-class amenities and breath-taking sceneries. A variety of authentic Ayurvedic treatments are offered at the retreat, including: Panchakarma/Detoxification therapy, Rejuvenation therapy, Slimming therapy, Stress management, Anti-aging, beauty care or any clinical treatments for specific ailments.

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+91 8111886151