Finger Millet Porridge

Finger Millet Porridge

Ayurveda is a science mainly focuses on healthy living. It suggests many good food habits to follow which ensures health and longevity. The Ayurveda food has everything. Though all Ayurveda foods are not tasty, it can lead you to obtain a healthy body without ailments. In Ayurveda convince, it says all diseases are the result of bad consumption of foods. We have to choose our food with a clear idea on the consequences. The food should be fresh and good and also with sufficient nutritious. The Ayurveda food has everything that you would prefer from a quality diet where vegetables and fruits take importance. There is a unique Ayurveda food which is well known all over the world and which has a wide accepting especially from visitors of Kerala from European countries. It’s known as Finger Millet Porridge. It’s very special and it has the power to increase immunity. Ayurveda has many thing to say about Finger Millet Porridge. According to Ayurveda, the Finger Millet Porridge gives cool to body and it has some other advantages. Finger Millet Porridge is an ideal food specially designed with a view to resist summer seasonal impacts. This unique diet is able to reduce hot and consuming Finger Millet Porridge effectively works in the body particularly to those who live in tropical climate regions and with facing hot summer days. It cools and gives you relax.

You can adjust the consistency of the liquid or milk to get the desired consistency. Use more milk for a thinner consistency to serve as a drink.

1. Finger Millet or Nachni or Ragi Flour - 2 tbsp
2. Milk - 250 ml (1 cup)
3. jaggery - 1 ½ tbsp to 2 tbsp
4. Cardamom Pods (powdered) - 2 nos
5. Roasted Almonds (optional)

In a pan, put in the flour and roast for about 2 to 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to cool down a bit. Stir in the milk and mix well until there are no lumps. Turn on the heat again and cook until the porridge becomes thick and acquires a creamy consistency. Turn off the heat and mix in the jaggery and the cardamom powder. Pour into cups or mugs and garnish with the roasted almonds. Serves one

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