God's Own Country

The geography of Kerala is exclusive due to being surrounded between mountains and jungles on one side, and the sea on the other. Kerala is a land of rivers and backwaters. Fort four rivers flow through Kerala with their numerous branches but these rivers are rather small and being entirely monsoon fed. Waterfalls, wildlife, greenish plantations and paddy fields. Ayurvedic health holidays, variety forms of art and festivals, Historic and cultural monuments, tasty cuisines, will give you a wonderful experience.

Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west, the state have an exclusive geographical feature that has raised it one of the best tour destinations in Asia.

Kerala Tourism has acquired the highest prize at the world’s biggest tourism trade show held in Germany. It won the ITB-Berlin’s Golden City Gate gold award, labelled the ‘Oscar of Tourism Communications’. The highest award achieved at Berlin proves the importance of Kerala's beautiful backwaters along the important places and tourist spots in the world. The National Geographic Traveler has rated Kerala's backwaters as one of the great destinations across the world.

Kerala, is India's most developed society, with a literacy of hundred per cent, world-class health care. Kerala is India's clean state, calm and untouched.

The various Ayurvedic treatments and food habits practiced over centuries in Kerala have become an essential part of its lifestyle. Ayurveda is not just simply an approach of healthcare, but also a elementary approach to life.

Kerala cuisine offers a variety of dishes, from the traditional Sadya to seafood dishes. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians have a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

Kerala has nearly 10000 km2 area of natural forests. Kerala provides home for wide variety of animals such as Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Leopard, Gaur or Indian Bison Nilgiri Tahr, Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Indian Sloth Bear, and Lion-tailed Macaque. Other commonly found class of animals consist of Indian Porcupine, Boar, Sambar,Chital, Flying Squirrel, Gray Langur, and Gray Wolf.

There are nearly 500 varieties of birds in Kerala covering species which are rare like Sri Lankan Frogmouth, Indian Grey Hornbill and Oriental Bay Owl as well as the more common and widespread ones like Peafowl, Cormorant, Oriole, Drongo, Hill Myna, Oriental Darter, Bulbul, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Jungle Fowl, Water Fowl and other migratory birds. King Cobra, Viper, Python and the most common Crocodiles and Turtle are the reptiles found. Insects such as Butterflies and Ladybird, Beetles are also found in large quantity in these forests.

The virgin forests include the trees of Rosewood, Teakwood, Anjily, Cassia, Fig, Bamboo, Palm etc and also include the smaller bushes of spices and medicinal herbs like Neem, Pepper, Asparagus racemosus, Vetiver, Neela-amari and lot more to mention. Overall, Kerala’s forests are home to more than 1000 species of plants and trees.