Green culture initiative

World environment day 2011

We have stared our new mission against the global Warming and preserving nature by planting 2011 Fruit trees. Planting fruit bearing trees will help feeding of birds and other fruit eating animals to flourish along with us.

World environment day 2012

we have planted 2012 Tulsì plants in all our resorts and properties.

World environment day 2013

we have planted 2013 Muringa Trees (Moringa oleifera Lam) in all our resorts and properties. Somatheeram Ayurveda Group has selected to plant 2013 Muringa the Miracle Tree, due to its multipurpose uses in our daily life and World Health Organization (WHO) has undertaken scientific researches on Moringa plant, and has come to a conclusion that it is extremely nutritional and medicinal.

Eco-friendly Practices

a.  Sewage Treatment Plant and reusing the purified water for gardening at the resort.

b. Rain Water harvesting

Somatheeram is preserved more naturally with Ayurveda Herbal Plants, Grass lawns, Trees to help to recharge rain water to ground water. Recharge pits are constructed in different areas to recharge the rain water to ground water. Also rain water is collected at the lower portion of the land in a pond and reuses it after passing through water purifier.

c. Waste management

Colour coded different type of bins to ensure the waste is segregated correctly. Dry Waste except plastic is burned in a specially crafted incubator installed inside the premise ofthe Resort.

Food/wet waste: Bio gas plant is installed inside the premise.
Recyclable waste: Paper and Plastic is recycled.

d. Pollution Control method adapted

We use only organic pesticides and pest controls measure at Somatheeram. Water treatment plant is installed in the Resort; No artificial fertilizers are used in our resort.

Eco-friendly Practices

In an effort of preserve and conserve local and indigenous species, Mr. Baby Mathew, Chairman and Managing Director of Somatheeram Ayurveda Group maintains an indigenous animal farm at Soma Birds Lagoon. Now he proudly plans to extend this prestigious effort in other location and resort as well.

Rare species conserved at the farm


Kasargod Dwarf
Kuttanad DWarf(Per-iyar Dwarf)


Assam Pigmi


Mogul Haunt

Vechur cow is a rare breed of Bos indicus cattle. The name carne from the village of Vechur in Kottayam district, Kerala, India.

With an average  height of 86 cm and length of 126 cm it is the smallest cattle breed in the world.It also holds a Guinnes world record for the world's shortest cow the cattle is docile and resistant to diseases.

The Vechur cow was very popular in Kerala until the 19605 when it came under threat of extinction dueto deliberate and rampant cross breeding with high yielding exotic breeds.

It is believed that only 350 specimen left on the planet.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Group is proud to play a part in the protection of this native and rare species.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a part of our CSR efforts

We purchase most of our Vegetables, Honey and Spices from Attappadi Tribal (Zo-operative Farming Society. Also we are purchasing Indian Masalas, Wheat, Grains etc. from Small Scale Units run buy self employed women of the Village. All herbs for preparing Ayurveda medicines at our unit are also purchased from the Tribal people.

We clean our beach

Every week 3 pm to 4 pm our staff and department head take to clean our beach and nearby village area.

Local people are self employed

At Chowara beach as beach lvendors as per requirement of cloths and local fruits etc.

Local people are Trained and Employed at Somatheeram.

Since establishment Somatheeram has taken commitment and responsibility to provide maximum employment to the local people. Ayurveda is the only area in Kerala where we can provide a big number of local employments every year.

a) Every year Somatheeram is organizing Ayurveda Therapist Training for 15 to 20 local people at our Ayurveda Academy on a confirmed job placement at our resorts. Trainees are providing with stipend, uniform, food and accommodation during their training and placement is assured at our Ayurveda Centre .
b) Also we offer Hotel Management training for the local community youth in our Hotel Institute with fees concession and confirmed job placement at our resorts.